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Ordering from Falcon Bowling Shop

We are pleased to be able to offer you three ways to make purchases through the Falcon Bowling Shop:

Over the Telephone
In Person

Ordering Online at

Customer Login
Browse Categories
Product Information, Images & Options
Adding Items to you Shopping Cart
Out of Stock Options
Checkout Process Stage 1 - 3

Customer Login
If you have shopped with Falcon Bowling Shop before and chose to set up a customer account, you can login by clicking on 'Customer Login' in the top right-hand corner of the screen.  By setting up a customer account and logging in to it each visit, you benefit from a) having access to your customer details for a more streamlined shopping experience, b) having the ability to track the progress of any current outstanding orders, c) can receive special offers, discounts and notifications of new products. 

If you are new visitor to this website, you will be given the option to create a customer account during the checkout process.  This is NOT a requirement to complete your order.

Browse Categories

Using this website (whether logged in as an existing customer, or visiting as a new guest) you can browse the categories by clicking on the text links in the menu bar across the page under the Falcon Bowling Shop logo, or click on image links under 'Browse Categories' title half-way down the homepage. 

Some categories have sub-categories (eg. Clothing -> Trousers -> Ladies Trousers or Mens Trousers).  For easier selection, the second-level categories are included in the drop-down menus in the menu bar at the top of each webpage.  If sub-categories are available they will appear when you hover over the category title and are indicated by a small down arrow next to the category title in the top menu bar.  Alternatively, if you use the image links under 'Browse Categories' to select your preferred category, you will be presented with further image links for any available sub-categories.

Product Information, Images and Options

Once in your selected category, you can view product images, information and item options (size, colour, weights etc) by clicking on the product image or title.

Each product is provided with at least one image to assist you with your choice.  If you place your mouse over the large image it will magnify it for a closer view.  If you click on the large image, it will open it up in a separate lightbox for full-size viewing.  To select other available images for each specific product, simply click on the thumbnail image to activate it in the large image area.

Once you are satisfied with your product selection, you can choose the appropriate options (where applicable) by clicking on the down arrow of each option box and selecting from the list of available options for the item.  The product information page will indicate whether the item with your specific option choices is in stock or not (see Out of Stock options below for further information).

Adding Items to your Shopping Cart

To place your product selection into your 'shopping cart', ensure you have selected the appropriate product options then click on the 'Add To Cart' button under the product description. 

You will see  a confirmation box appear mid-screen from which you can a) amend the order quantity for each listed item, b) delete an item completely from the basket, c) visit a listed product by clicking on the product title link d) elect to 'Continue Shopping' or e)  'Checkout'.  You will also notice that your shopping basket summary (top right-hand corner of the screen) will be updated with the number of items and value of your selection.

When you have completed adding your selections to your shopping basket you can either select 'Checkout' from the confirmation box (if adding an item to the shopping basket just before you wish to checkout), OR, click on 'View Shopping Cart' in the top right hand corner of the screen.  This will take you to the first stage of the Checkout process. See 'Checkout Process' below for further instructions.

Out of Stock Options
Because we represent such a wide variety of products, (many with ranges of different options for sizes etc), we are not always able to hold every item in stock.  When  you select a product (and its appropriate options where applicable), the screen updates to indicate whether your specific combination of product and options is in stock. 

If your selected item IS available, an 'In Stock' icon appears under the 'Add to Cart' button and you can continue with your purchase by clicking it.

If your selected item is NOT in stock, an 'Out of Stock' icon appears under the 'Add to Cart' button.  IN ADDITION, you are also given a further option to either:

a) Continue ordering the item by pressing the 'Add to Cart' button, safe in the knowledge that we are usually able to restock the item within 5 working days (normally sooner) and process your order as normal; OR

b) Request to be notified when the order item is back in stock.  To do this, simply provide your email address in the notification box as indicated, and press the 'Submit' button.  You will then be automatically notified by email as soon as the new stock has arrived and entered into Stock Level system.

Checkout Process - Stage 1 - Confirm Basket, Confirm Delivery Method

When you are ready to Checkout, either select 'Checkout' from the confirmation box (if adding an item to the shopping basket just before you wish to checkout), OR, click on 'View Basket' in the top right hand corner of the screen.  This will take you to the first stage of the Checkout process.

Your shopping basket summary then appears, so you can check and update if necessary (change quantities, delete items).  Once satisfied that the order items and associated options are correct, go to the Delivery Method box below and click on the down arrow to view and select from available choices for your country (Standard 1-2 days (courier service), OR Collect in Person (free)).  This will then enable the system to calculate your specific delivery charges.

If you have a Gift Voucher code, you can also enter it in the box provided so you can see the basket recalculate  the amount payable after the voucher value has been deducted.

At the bottom of the page you have three choices 'Continue Shopping', 'Cancel' or 'Checkout'.  To continue placing your order, click on 'Checkout'.

Checkout Process - Stage 2 - Contact Details

The next screen is designed to be a 1-Page Purchase process - you will be able to enter all the necessary information into the single page.

Enter your contact details as indicated on the 'Billing Address' form.  Under the 'Shipping Address' column you have the option of either using the same address for delivery or providing a separate delivery address.  Complete as preferred.

Checkout Process - Stage 2B - Creating a Customer Account

Next, you have the opportunity to Register with us and create your own customer account.  You are in no way obliged to have to register, but there are various benefits in creating account which could speed up the checkout process for future orders, enable you to track the progress of your current/outstanding orders, and gain you big savings through the special offers we often promote.

If you wish to create an account it couldn't be simpler!  All your contact information has already been completed and the system has automatically copied your email address to Registration box.  Just type in a password of your choice (no longer than 6 digits/characters), type it again for confirmation and when you confirm your payment choice (PayPal or Debit/Credit Card), your registration request will be automatically created for you.  The next time you visit us you can login straight away.

Checkout Process - Stage 2C - Selecting Payment Method

At the foot of the page are the payment options available to you - Payment by Telephone or Payment Online via PayPal/Debit/Credit Card.  We recommend the online payment option via Credit/Debit Card or PayPal as being the most efficient payment method, and you can complete your order at a time convenient for yourself.

Select the option you prefer, and the payment process will commence:

Payment by Telephone - Your order will be placed and you will receive an on-screen message confirming this.  The message will also provide the contact number (+44 (0)1245 443 666) you need to call in order to complete your payment over the telephone, as well as your order number which will be required by us to locate your order on our system when you call.  Payment can be provided by Debit or Credit card over the telephone.  Your payment details will be entered directly into the card processing unit and not recorded by us.  We can then confirm the outcome of the payment processing and advise you a) if there is a problem with the payment or b) confirm that payment has now been received in full and your order will be processed.

Payment by PayPal/Debit/Credit Card - By selecting this option you will be taken to a new screen within a secured environment (provided by our payment processing provider - PayPal).  You will see a summary of your order invoice and then the opportunity to ether log in to your PayPal account if you have one OR, select the Pay by Debit/Credit card option.  You are also provided with an option to set up a PayPal account if you wish.

By selecting the Pay by PayPal, you login to your PayPal account and follow the payment instructions on screen..

By selecting the Pay by Debit/Credit card option you will be connected to the secure online payment page for you to complete online with your card details (your address details will automatically be brought across from your order information already provided.  Once you have submitted your payment details and the security checks have been completed, you will receive a confirmation of your payment/outcome of transaction and asked if you wish to return to the shop.

Checkout Process - Stage 3 - Confirmation of Your Order

Online Payment:
Once your online payment has been processed and you receive the payment confirmation on screen.  You can now the click on the 'Return to Store' button to go back to Falcon Bowling Shop, or close your browser screen if preferred.  You will receive an email from Falcon Bowling Shop confirming the details of your order.  You will also receive and email from PayPal confirming your payment (this will be the case whether you use your PayPal Account or a Debit/Credit card).

Ordering By Telephone - 01245 443 666

If you've enjoyed visiting this website and have located the item(s) you would like to purchase, but If you wish to place your order over the telephone, please contact us on 01245 443 666 between 9.00am - 2.00pm Monday-Friday

For placing your order when you call, we will take your details in the same order as the online ordering system. 

We will require the following order information from you:
For payment processing of your Debit or Credit card, we will require:
We will process the card payment whilst you are on the telephone with us, so we can confirm the outcome of the transaction.

Once the confirmation code is received from the card processing service provider, your order placement is complete and you will receive a confimation email with the details.  You will also receive further updates via email as your order is processed through to completion.

Ordering In Person

Unlike many other online retailers, we are also proud to offer our customers a retail outlet they can visit, view and purchase products and/or collect orders previously placed online or by telephone when selecting the 'Collect in Person' delivery option.

The Falcon Bowling Shop retail outlet is part of the Falcon Bowling & Social Club and can be found at:
Falcon Bowling Shop
Channels Drive
Essex  CM3 3FB

The retail outlet is open from 9.00am - 2.00pm Monday - Friday.  It is recommended to call the Falcon Bowling Shop to check on opening times and availability as the shop reserves the right to alter these opening times/days without notice.